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Update 2/22/17. Living the Dream is open to the public once again!! Happy fifth anniversary to Living the Dream, and welcome to everyone (and welcome back you oldies)! <3 Want to get in on our new OOC & IC action? Click here to read more!!

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Quick Start Guide -
Welcome to Living the Dream!
a quick-start guide

I see you're new around here! Looking for a place to start?

You might be asking yourself, "where do I start on Living the Dream? Where should I go first? Do I have any steps to follow?" We're here to answer all of those questions!

The first few steps!
  • Read the rules! Very important stuff, and it should help answer your questions about character creation and how we operate around here.
  • Check out our How To: Statless guide and FAQ page. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in our Help Desk (it's guest friendly!), PM a staff member (myself, Lance, Vee, or Aera), or ask in the c-box if anyone is online. (The first two options are likely your best choices out of those.)
  • Ready to join? Register as the name you want to go by - we're an account per player system, so you have one account to manage all of your characters.

Continuing down the path - you're almost there!
  • Not sure what kind of character you want to make? We've got lots of ideas in the Wanted Ads board that you can check out, and canons are available here!
  • Once you're ready to create a character, grab the appropriate application here, and then post it either in the Work in Progress board, if you need time to finish it or just want to save your work, or in the main forum (this one) if you're already done. Be sure to bump your app when it's done, if it wasn't before (or write "done" or similar in the title).
  • Wait patiently for an admin or mod to review. We usually don't take longer than a day or two, but if three or more days pass and we haven't done anything with it, you can send us a friendly PM and we'll take a look.
  • Want to try out a character, but not sure how they'll work out or if you'll want to keep playing them? You can try out a Demo Character using this application template! Please read the document carefully before posting. You don't need staff approval before you start playing with this character, but keep in mind we will review and PM with corrections and fixes as needed. (You'll have to turn them into a full character application after two weeks though.)
  • While you're waiting, why not read over Alto Mare's City Guide? It should help you get an idea of our main setting here at Living the Dream, and what kind of Pokemon you can encounter in the city and on the island itself.
  • [WIP] You're also welcome to read our Site Timeline, which features our past site-wide plots and action that have happened on the site! It should provide some fun reading, and some of these events are re-occurring, so never a bad thing to be familiar!

Whoohoo, I'm accepted! Now what?
  • Double check you're on the Who Plays Who list here! This also has the site stats, which the staff will update when you're accepted (no need to worry about that).
  • If you're playing a canon character, please claim them in our canon list.

Otherwise? GO PLAY, FOO'. ;]

Here's some tips on getting started!
  • Introduce yourself, if you haven't already. We'd love to say hi! (Come say hello in the chat box, too! We're in the sidebar on the index page (small green toggle bar), and there's a link that opens the c-box in another tab under the banner (it says "Popout C-box").
  • Make a plot page, and/or reply to others! We're always up for new plots, characters, and ideas! Trackers can be merged into plot pages with [spoiler] tags, or in a separate post.
  • General plot ideas can go in the Plots & Requests board, too! Group plots can be posted in Group Plotting to gauge interest. Want to have characters travel to a certain city, or want to form your own team/organization/what have you? Post it there and see who's interested! And there may be others that catch your eye, so keep a lookout!
  • Are you looking for a brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or something specific? Check out the Character Wanted Ads!
  • Want to just jump right in? Check out our open thread listing! (Added by members, periodically cleaned out by staff.)
  • Looking for something else to do? Try our Pokemon Mod accounts! Yes, members have their own modding account (Red Version; the staff use the Blue Version) that you can use to play Pokemon for other members, whether it's to capture them or just to spice up a thread. You earn 150 Poke per thread, so get modding! Requests for mods are located here for the general board and here for Mystery Dungeon plots.
  • We've also got lots of discussions, games, and other fun things going on in our out of character section, Talk it Up, so feel free to let out some steam there. We also have a Creative Outlet where you can post art, fanfiction, or anything else creative you've made. Graphic shops are also available in the Creative Outlet - you can open your own or request from an established shop.

Still not sure what to do? PM a staff member, and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

We look forward to playing with you soon!
Plot Page + Tracker
[Image: LtDSig.png]

If you see me online but I'm not chatting, I'm probably just lurking on my phone!
Feel free to send me a PM if you need me for something! <3


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