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Canon List -
Canon List

These are the canons currently played on LtD. If you don't see a canon on this list (taken or reserved), they were in a part of the franchise (anime, movie, games, manga, etc), and you want to play them, feel free to reserve them and give them some love!

Players who have claimed a canon character must make at least one IC post a month with the character keep their claim on that canon. This will be checked periodically by the staff. See more info in the About Canons page.

(Please note that Ash Ketchum and his travel buddies in the most current anime saga are not available as playable canons due to their still-continuing story. See the canon rules for more information.)

[Image: MollyHale.png]
Molly Hale :: Pokemon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
} played by Rachel *

[Image: Cynthia%20claim_zpsi5ysjgey.png]
Cynthia :: Pokémon D/P/Pt - Pokémon HG/SS - Pokémon B/W - Pokémon anime
} played by Aeranautics

[Image: lillie.jpg]
Lillie :: Pokemon Moon
} played by Marin

[Image: moon.jpg]
Moon :: Pokemon Moon
} played by Carrot


Reserved Canons

Green :: Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Pokemon Adventures Manga Mix
} reserved for Eli
posted on 6/19/17 - reserved until 7/3/17

Red :: Pokemon Core Series Games
} reserved for Carrot
posted on 6-20-17 - reserved until 7-4-17

Wally :: Pokemon R/S/E, OR/AS
} reserved for Sleepy
posted on 6/21/17 - reserved until 7/5/17

Touko :: Pokemon White
} reserved for Bee
posted on 6/22/2017 - reserved until 7/6/17


Code for reserving (before acceptance): **

[*code][b]Character Name[/b] :: [i]Series/Movie[/I]
} reserved for [b]Your Name[/b]
posted on [u]Today's date[/u] - reserved until [u]Date in 2 weeks[/u][/code*]

Code for claiming (upon acceptance):

[*code][img]image of character - no bigger than 200 x 200 pixels[/img]
[b]Character Name[/b] :: [i]Series/Movie[/I]
} played by [b]Your Name[/b][/code*]

Remove all stars (*) and fill in all cues before posting! The preview button is your friend, too! :D


** Reservation is NOT required, it is only if you want to hold the canon while you work on it.
PLEASE NOTE! If no progress has been made on your application (and you haven't made an away notice or told a staff member you'd be away) for two weeks after the original posted date of your app and/or reservation, your reservation will be deleted, your application archived, and the canon will be open again. This is our policy. It is easy to re-reserve and ask for your application to be moved back - simply post another reservation and contact a staff member.

FINAL NOTE: It is recommended that you claim the canon character you play so others know it is taken.
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[b]Touko[/b] :: [i]Pokemon White[/I]
} reserved for [b]Bee[/b]
posted on [u]6/22/2017[/u] - reserved until [u]7/6/22[/u]

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